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When one hears the words “downeast” and “hiking” in the same sentence, most think one thing: Acadia National Park.

We’ll say yes, and.

While we’re huge fans of everything Acadia, we wanted to go beyond the usual recommendations. First, we wanted to give you some of our favorite hikes inside Acadia, because if you’ve come that far, you should absolutely visit the Crown Jewel of the Northeast. Second, as people that live and work here in Maine, we have some favorite lesser-known, but equally beautiful, hikes outside of Acadia, but still in the Downeast region.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite hikes around Downeast Maine.

Tunk Mountain

T10 SD (Unorganized Township)

It’s not everyday you get to wander through an unorganized township. So we’re starting with a long, scenic one. With 4.4 miles of trail, this is your classic Maine hike featuring copious foliage, solitude, fishing spots, and just a general feeling of really being “out there.” Part of that feeling is because you are indeed “out there.” So be sure to plan accordingly with water, proper footwear, apparel, snacks, and anything else you might need. It’s not a hard hike, but it’s one you want to be prepared for.

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Schoodic Head Overlook

Birch Harbor, ME

Clocking in at 2.6 miles, this loop is inside Acadia National Park. It’s not easy, but it’s also not too, too hard, and takes most folks about an hour to complete. And you get views like the one you see below. Not too shabby!

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Summer in Acadia National Park in Maine

Ship Harbor Trail

Acadia National Park, ME

Now this is truly an easy trail. Kids and dogs both welcome on this popular 1.4-mile hike right along the coast. You’ll find birders, hikers, runners, and more. So if you’re ok with a few folks to meet along your way, then you’ll be right at home on this lovely coastal trail.

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Petit Manan

Pigeon Hill, ME

Just east of Acadia jutting out upon one of Maine’s signature craggy coast is Petit Manan peninsula. Home to puffins, wild blueberries and rugged oceanside galore, you can do some easy walks around the peninsula, especially in the July and August timeframe. You’ll even be able to pick those wild blueberries you see (tart, flavorful, wonderful!), but no blueberry rakes allowed. This peninsula is also home to Maine’s second-tallest lighthouse.

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Blagden Preserve

Bar Harbor, ME

Would you like the opportunity to see seals, osprey, porcupine (from a safe distance) and more? This is your kinda walk. This serene serene jaunt from woods to coast is a refreshing escaping from the the bustle of Bar Harbor. Pro tip: pack some food so you can hang out and munch on something tasty in the bright red Adirondack chairs at the end of the trail.

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Great Wass Island Preserve

Beals, ME

The best possible way to avoid the abundant human fauna (aka crowds) of Acadia in the summertime. On this island preserve, you’ll find a 4.5 mile trail system through bogs, heaths, and groves of jack pine, with gorgeous views of the sea.

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Cutler Coast

Cutler, ME

Possibly the most scenic views in Maine on over 9 miles of trails, many of which overlook the Bay of Fundy. This trail system is easy to do as a day hike or as an overnight camping trip. There are first-come, first-served sites and not a lot of them, so start early if that’s your plan. 

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Klondike Mountain

Lubec, ME

The summit of this mount features an almost 360-degree view of the surrounding coast and wilderness. So you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck here, and the trail is quite do-able at less than a mile long. If you want gorgeous views and you want them fast, here you go.

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