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This spot just south of Portland, in Scarborough, is a true gem of the Maine coastline. Higgins Beach has a little something for everyone: spacious sand (especially at low tide), ample surf, and a location that’s just far enough away from the city to make you feel like you’ve made it to a beach-side paradise. But be aware, this is a popular beach with paid parking in the summer, so an early start to the day is always better.

Why we love it

Let us count the ways. First, the sand: a surplus of soft coverage stretches for what seems like miles into the ocean. Maine is known for its rocky coast, and this beach, while providing a few crags to set the scene, does not fit that picture. The beach is also incredibly flat, meaning that while the tide goes in and out, you’ll find surfable waves in water that only reaches your waist. And, speaking of surfing, this beach is a surfing hotspot, summer and winter. It truly has nearly everything we’re hoping for in a beach.

And, on the topic of sand, this is one of the flattest beaches around. So there’s plenty of room for playing beach-based games like paddle ball or can jam. Also nice for a little stroll by the seaside—when the tide is out, to be clear. When the tide comes in, it can get narrow.

What it’s perfect for

  • Surfing, boogie boarding, body boarding for both seasoned vets and novices
  • Popping out of Portland for a morning or afternoon beach session
  • Bringing the whole family out, no matter the age
  • Beach games like paddle ball or can jam

For more on the specifics around open hours, fees, parking, and background info on the beach, visit this website

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