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Traveling with a furry friend can create unforgettable memories. Buuuuuut, on the flipside, some places that seem perfect for dogs often turn out to be off limits, and others that seem like they’d be quite dog-unfriendly are actually the perfect place to bring your pooch.

As people that live and work in Maine, we here at Allagash wanted to provide potential dog-having guests with our favorite places for both you and your buddy to enjoy what the greater Portland area has to offer.

Higgins Beach


In Scarborough, a town over from Portland, Higgins Beach will have you feeling like a local. Long, flat, smooth sand that—at low tide—seems to stretch on deep into the ocean is excellent for throwing a ball, or sitting in the sand. As many Portland locals know, sometimes you have to go just outside of the city itself to find what you’re looking for. During the summer, dogs are only allowed on the beach from before 9am and after 5pm. If you’re visiting in the off-season, between Labor Day and May 14th, dogs are allowed on the beach at all times.

Mackworth Island


Now, we’re heading north. Basically inches over the line into Falmouth, just north of Portland, is Mackworth Island. This little island, accessible by a single bridge, features a ~1.5-mile long trail that runs its perimeter. Parking can be a bit tough at peak times, but if you’re looking for a scenic walk with access to the ocean, this little island is an oasis.

Fore River Sanctuary


Finally, a spot in Portland proper! Coming in at 85 acres, this preserve features Portland’s only natural waterfall. It’s maintained by our friends over at Portland Trails, and loved by locals. So while this is a dog-friendly hike, please keep your dog on a leash. Just a 5-ish minute drive out of the city proper will have you at this trail and feeling like you’ve stumbled into the wilds of Maine.

Portland Farmers Market


In the summers, on both Wednesday and Saturday, from 7am-1pm, you’ll find the Portland Farmers Market stretching around the north side of Deering Oaks Park, just beyond the duck pond. It’s a scenic stroll where you’ll get to see the beautiful bounty of Maine farmers. Just the ticket for in between visits to a brewery, or restaurant of choice.

A dog friend at the Allagash brewery tasting room

Allagash Brewery Tasting Room


Turns out, we’re in Portland, and we also love to welcome a well-behaved dog and their owner(s). Our open-air tasting room is designed in a way that there are plenty of spots for your dog to sit as you enjoy some beer and a lobster roll or two from our friends at Bite Into Maine.. We just ask that you keep that leash on and, more importantly, enjoy yourself!

We hope this list helps to make your, and your furry friend’s, trip to Maine that much more enjoyable. Hope to see you soon!

Grab Beers & Bites at the Allagash Tasting Room
Lobster rolls available in the Allagash tasting room from Bite Into Maine

Come Enjoy Some Fresh Beer House-Made Wine Dry Cider Awarded Lobster Rolls Good Vibes

If you're in Portland, treat yourself to a stop at our brewery tasting room

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