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Winter activities in Maine can seem pretty straightforward, right? You’ve got your skiing, riding, sledding, x-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, etc.

Wrong! (Well, actually not wrong, wrong, because all of those activities are super fun.)

There’s more to a Maine winter than you might first expect. And we, as people that live and work in Maine, are here to introduce some of the more enjoyable, and unexpected, activities that we like to partake in when the old thermometer goes a-dipping.

Winter Surfing

Going INTO the ocean? In the winter? In Maine? You say, incredulously. Oh yes, we say, enthusiastically. With the proper gear, surfing in the winter can actually be more enjoyable than the summer. You have fewer folks to share the waves with, great surfing spots all up and down the coast, and also a wonderful way to wake yourself up on a cold winter’s morn. There are a ton of beaches that serve as great spots for a winter ride, but our favorites are below. Click any to find them on the map.


No, we’re not talking about forging raw metal to shape the will of man. We’re talking about teeny little fish in a river. Smelting is like ice fishing, but with more lines, more camaraderie, and, we think, a lot more fun. Find any number of smelting operations up both inland and on the coast here in Maine and you’ll find the perfect little day of setting lines, stoking a small fire, and noshing on treats (that you should absolutely bring). If you want more info, you can find our whole blog on smelting right here.

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Hanging out in a smelting shack on a Maine river, enjoying Allagash White
Smelting huts as viewed at night.

Have an Outside Beer

In Maine, one must embrace the cold. And there’s no better way to open your heart to the frosty allure of winter than to have a tasty beer outside on a sunny, crisp winter’s day. Lucky for you, our tasting room is outfitted with outdoor seating and heaters for parties of every size. You can check out all the particulars, like what we have pouring, our hours, and all the food we have available through this link right here.

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Go Stargazing

If you think you’ve seen the stars, but have never been up to the Hundred-Mile Wilderness, then we’d argue that you have yet to truly see them. The AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) has preserved this stretch of forest to such an extent that it’s considered an International Dark Sky Park—in short, a place where there’s so little light pollution that you can see the true majesty of a starry night. They book cabins year-round, so we think heading up for a little wintry weekend of hiking and looking at the stars is always a beautiful way to spend your time.

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Race In (or watch) The US National Toboggan Championships

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a toboggan champion… of the nation? Well, up at the US National Toboggan Championships held at the Camden Snow Bowl, you can test your toboggan mettle. Or, if you’re like many of us, you can simply pop by and watch some speedsters fly down a little-too-steep track in search of everlasting glory. For all the info on when and where the championships will be held, head to their website through the button below.

Check Out the Toboggan Championships

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