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How to start building sustainability practices for any brewery

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If we’ve learned one thing about sustainability, it’s that many small choices add up to a large impact. Below, we’ve put together seven of the small(ish) decisions that we’ve made as we’ve grown as a brewery that have helped us to continue to brew more sustainably and efficiently—all in the hopes of helping other breweries implement more sustainable practices.
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Allagash White 19.2 oz. cans on the production line

How to properly recycle beer cans, carriers, caps, and more.

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Since the early days of Allagash, we’ve strived to be an environmentally and socially responsible community member. As the company gained employees, a group of sustainability-minded folks formed a “green team”. That team worked to educate customers and themselves on how to be more socially responsible. That included efforts to: support local farming, learn how to compost, reduce our water usage, and identify which materials we could and couldn’t recycle. Read More

A spotlight on sustainability

Thursday Thing – Green Bingo


Like bingo? Good. Like sustainability? Even better! Come out for some bingo with sustainability-themed prizes. As always, this will be hosted by our caller extraordinaire Danger Dan!

Plenty of Allagash beer on tap to enjoy as you vie for bingo glory.

A spotlight on sustainability

Spring Greening Kickoff Event


To kick off our spotlight on sustainability at the brewery, we’re hosting a kickoff event with over fifteen of our closest sustainability-focused friends. In addition to fresh beer (couldn’t forget that), local organizations will be setting up in our tasting room to help you learn more about their efforts to keep Maine green. We’ll be joined by:

Good To-Go


Maine Farmland Trust


Portland Trails

Marine Mammals of Maine

Ruth’s Reusables

Sebago Clean Water

and many more…


Come out from 11:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday (3/30). Hope to see you there!

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