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Allagash bailer for the recycling programBlogInside AllagashSustainabilityB CorporationBeer Releases and Brewery News
April 9, 2021

The Allagash Recycling Co-Op

At Allagash, we’re able to recycle or sidestream about 99.8% of our waste. That last .2% is something we’re trying to address with the Allagash Recycling Co-op that we launched in March of 2021.  (more…)
Allagash Wilderness WaterwayBlogSustainabilityPhilanthropyB CorporationBeer Releases and Brewery News
April 7, 2021

The Allagash 2020 B Corp Report

In 2019, we became a certified B Corp and the first benefit corporation in the state of Maine. Below, you'll find our B Corp Report from our second year as a Certified B Corp. (more…)
The Tiger Hill PreserveBlogInside AllagashSustainabilityB CorporationBeer Releases and Brewery News
April 5, 2021

Clean Land = Clean Water

As a brewery that relies on clean water—for our beer and for our community’s way of life—in 2019, we made a pledge to donate back for every barrel of beer we brew to keep our water source clean.  (more…)

What about Beer?

Blogs for people interested in learning about beer.

Allagash Little Grove Peach + KombuchaBlogB CorporationWhat About Beer?
March 25, 2021

How to Take the Perfect Beer Photo

Hi! I’m Jennifer Bravo, a professional food photographer and friend to Allagash. I’m here, guest posting on their blog, to share with you a few trade secrets to help you uplevel your beer pics. (more…)
A full Allagash CoolshipBlogB CorporationWhat About Beer?
March 17, 2021

What is Spontaneously Fermented Beer?

You may have heard your fellow beer drinkers buzz about “spontaneously fermented” beers. So what exactly is a spontaneously fermented beer and how is it different from the more common beer styles found in bars and stores across the country?  (more…)
Allagash White in a chaliceBlogInside AllagashWhat About Beer?
March 12, 2021

If you like Wheat Beers, Give These Other Styles a Try

Ah, wheat beers. Light, refreshing, and citrusy, but also full-textured, spicy, often creamy. Wheat beers encompass several distinct styles, all known for their versatility either on their own or when matched with nearly every culinary pairing you throw at them.  (more…)

Beer pairing, recipes, and more

The wonderful pairing of beer, food, and good times

Allagash Little Grove and Little Leaf LettuceBlogRecipesBeer-pairing, recipes, and more
March 2, 2021

Beer Pairing – Little Grove and Soy Peach Glazed Salmon with Ginger Sesame Dressing

The pairing of salad and beer is not a conventional one. But we're here to report that, done right, it is indeed a delicious one. Below, you'll find the recipe that we've been pairing with our Little Grove beers. They're what we call sparkling fruited ales, and are brewed to be light, balanced, and refreshing (and only 100 calories per can). (more…)
Herby whipped feta and yeasted crackers with Allagash Little Grove beerBlogBeer-pairing, recipes, and more
December 18, 2020

Beer-Pairing Recipe – Yeasted Crackers, Whipped Feta, and Little Grove

This blog was contributed by our friend, Jenn Bravo (@JennifahBravo).Jennifer Bravo here! I’m a professional food photographer and recipe developer located in Portland, Maine. I’m so excited to share one of my easy recipes with you today, thanks Allagash for inviting me “over”!  (more…)
Maine the way Stargazing image - view of a fire towerBlogBeer-pairing, recipes, and more
December 3, 2020

Viewing the North Sky – A How-To

These tips and beautiful photography were all created by our friends at Maine the Way. To set the stargazing scene... Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. The brittle surface crust of the snow gives way beneath my feet, sending each footfall several inches deeper than I expect. My headlamp beam bathes a spot about five feet ahead of me in blueish-hued LED light—the rest of the world is a dark void. (more…)