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Think all that Portland, Maine, has to offer is delicious food, a scenic coastline, welcoming people, a vibrant arts scene, access to beautiful outdoor spaces, talented musicians, and world-class beer? Well, think again, buddy. If you’re here when there’s snow on the ground, we also have some pretty sweet sledding.

And, as locals who live and work here in Maine (a large number of who also have children that love sledding), we have some opinions on the best sledding hills around. And below, you’ll find the list of our favorites.

Riverside Golf Course


In a world of sledding hills, this is a sledding multiplex. Hill after hill as far as the eye can see. Even when the parking lot is jam-packed with cars, it always feels like you can find a little piece of hill to yourself. Also, if you’re a cross country skiing fan, there is a series of trails that run out from the sledding area. Just an easy drive outside of downtown Portland.

Payson Park


If practicing tricks is more your speed, the city of Portland sets up rails and kickers on this relatively tame slope. Parking is not necessarily easy, but the slope itself is great for younger kids if you just want to try some sledding, and also for older kids looking for sledding with a side of action.

Eastern Promenade Park


If one were to give sledding hills difficulty ratings akin to a ski slope, this here would be a black diamond. There’s plenty of hill, and it’s plenty steep, and you’ll kinda have to stop yourself here. There’s a parking lot, and a road the bisects this hill about ⅔ of the way down, but above that you’ll find some pretty inspiring sledding with even more spectacular views of Casco bay below. Bonus: it’s very close to downtown Portland. Heck, it might even be downtown Portland.

Fort Williams Park


For this slope, you’ll have to travel a bit outside of Portland to Cape Elizabeth’s Fort Williams Park. In the park, you’ll find the most photographed lighthouse in the United States. And you’ll also find some fun, tame sledding hills that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

And after you’re done sliding down some frozen water, why not enjoy a cold beverage? We’ve certainly enjoyed the experience of heading straight from the hill to the Allagash Tasting room, where outdoor seating means we don’t even have to knock the snow off of our boots. And with food and kid-friendly space, everyone can enjoy a bit of downtime after the downhill fun.

Hope this list helps you get the most out of Portland’s winter season. And we’ll see you out there!

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