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A spread of grilled foods and beer courtesy of Allagash

The Allagash Grilling Guide: Beer Picks and Pairings

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Working at a brewery tends to make one well aware of the wonderful pairing that is a cold beer and a hot grill. In this handy little guide, we’ll give you some beer styles that we find to be particularly refreshing, some specific beer-and-food pairings that we love, and a little surprise idea for grilling that has been the hit of our barbecues recently. Read More

The Best Oyster and Beer Pairings

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Oysters and beer are a remarkable pair. The brine from the oyster not only complements and highlights aspects of the beer, it’s washed clean by the beer’s crisp carbonation, inviting you to eat another oyster (and another oyster and another oyster and…). And if you go up and down the coast—even sometimes from different spots in the same river—each oyster has its own unique profile. This is due to what is known as merroir: the influence that the environment has on an oyster’s appearance and taste. Read More

An Evening with Allagash

Allagash is bringing an array of Belgian-style beer out to Salt Island Fish & Beer. We’ll be taking four draft lines and pairing each with a different dish, specially prepared by the culinary experts at Salt Island. The beers available on tap include:
Allagash White – Belgian-style wheat beer with balanced citrus and spice. 5.2% ABV
Black – Silky stout brewed with Belgian yeast. 7.5% ABV
Tripel – Belgian-style golden ale with notes of passion fruit and honey. 9% ABV
Avancé – A complex sour ale aged on fresh strawberries. 9.8% ABV
See you there!

Can Happy Hour


Come be one of the first to enjoy a can of Allagash White and River Trip with us at SLAB. The event starts at 3:00 and goes until we’re done. A casual celebration of Allagash history.

Fermentors in a row at Allagash brewing company

Brewing Better Beer – Fine-Tuning Fermentation

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“Fermentation and civilization are inseparable.”

John Ciardi

Yeast is the reason we’re here right now. The reason why you’re reading this, the reason why we wrote this post (or wrote anything about Allagash at all). Fermentation is a yeast cell’s goal in life. Valiantly turning sugar into alcohol, carbonation, and tasty esters. What we’re going to talk about here is how we handle fermentation at the brewery, and how we coerce these wonderfully hungry organisms into making consistent, delicious beer.

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6-pack of Allagash White bottles and chalice

What’s in Allagash White?

By Blog, What About Beer?

In part one of this blog series, we outlined what white beers are. Now we cover Allagash White.

“This beer is kind of weird.” At least that was what Rob Tod, the future founder of Allagash, thought when trying his first Belgian-style white beer. His roommate had brought home a six pack of Celis White. While that first sip may have struck him as unfamiliar, the last sip in the bottle left him intrigued. By the end of the six-pack, he was enthralled.

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Allagash White

What is a White Beer?

By Blog, What About Beer?
At Allagash we love witbiers, literally translated from Flemish to mean “white beers.” Originating in Belgium, this style of beer is delicious, refreshing, and balanced in a way that makes it enjoyable to come back to again and again. And because we can’t get enough, we wanted to take a little time to talk about the style’s origins.

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Bite Into Maine Lobster Roll

Thirteen Lobster Rolls We Love

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A real beaut from Bite Into Maine


We could go on about our love of lobster rolls for pages and pages, but really, we know that you just want to get to the list. To briefly disclaim: this list is not complete. There are nearly countless amazing lobster rolls across Maine. These are just some of our favorites—in no particular order or rank. We’d also encourage you to try pairing one or all of these with your Allagash beer of choice this summer (we prefer White with our lobster). We suspect you’ll be the opposite of disappointed.

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Sean’s Maine Lobster Boil: How to

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Allagash Lobster Boil
Want to hold a lobster boil that would make a true Mainah proud? Luckily, you don’t need to be thigh-deep in a snowbank on the rocky coast to pull off a Maine-style feast. Our favorite brewer/cook Sean prepared a truly memorable lobster boil with only a large pot and normal-sized grill. As we found, with some pretty minimal prep and the right ingredients, you can boil crustaceans and corn with the best of them.

Here’s what you’ll need for a meal that serves two (hungry people):

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