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Timber Point park on the water

Seven of our Favorite Parks in Maine

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This post contributed by Betsy Cook, Maine State Director of The Trust for Public Land

We’re all spending more time outside these days. In fact, Maine State Parks had their busiest year on record in 2020. It’s a way to safely see friends and family and soak up the health benefits of nature. At The Trust for Public Land, we believe parks are a community superpower. Read More

Allagash White

2020 By the Numbers

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In this post, we wanted to pause and take a look back at what 2020 meant for all of us at Allagash. The common thread was most definitely perseverance in the face of challenges: whether they were facing us as a brewery or our community as a whole. We feel lucky to be able to say that we found quite a few ways to give back where we could. We hope you enjoy this look through the numbers that made 2020 what it was. And thank you, as always, for your support, and for helping us make the most of a distinctly difficult year. Read More

2021 Allagash Beer Release Calendar

Allagash’s 2021 Beer Release Lineup

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Near the the top of the list of reasons why we’re looking forward to 2021 is this very list: our 2021 beer releases. We have our first-ever year-round organic beer, we have a saison brewed with turmeric, and we have the return of some fan (and staff) favorites—plus some updated looks and formats for beers we all know and love. The best part: all of these beers will be available across our entire distribution footprint. Read More

Allagash Black is Beautiful stout

Black is Beautiful – Giving Back with Beer

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December 2020 Update

Black is Beautiful, our imperial stout, has truly delivered some beautiful results. Thanks to your purchase of this beer, we’ve donated a total of $10,000 to the Indigo Arts Alliance and Maine Inside Out—both organizations working to increase racial equity and showcase the talents of Black members in our community. Read More

Updates in Our Tasting Room

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We’ve made the difficult decision to remain closed for tours and sit-down tastings until spring. Although we miss our customers and friends—and very seriously and thoroughly considered re-opening our doors—we ultimately decided to err on the side of caution. The reality is that we are first and foremost a production facility. When we looked at the choice to not open our tasting room to guests through that lens, it became much simpler: we couldn’t confidently protect our employees and business while opening our tasting room and brewery to guests. 

Please know that we’re eagerly looking forward to re-opening and are continuously investigating how to do that safely and effectively this spring. We sincerely thank you for your patience and would still love to see you at the brewery this winter for grab-and-go beer service.

We miss you too, friends. Read More

Allagash Wilderness Waterway

Honoring the Heritage of our Name

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[Updated 10/8/21:]

As we look back upon the first year of our partnership with Nibezun, we’re excited by the progress we’ve made and look forward to continuing our support. In addition to the $2500 grant we donated last year, our tasting room staff selected them as our Charitable Partner of the Month last October, which resulted in an additional donation of $2,776. Both of these donations helped to fund their new roof, which is the first step in preparing Nibezun for their planned solar array in the coming months. This year, we’ve made an additional $2,500 grant and plan to donate the profits from two special beers we’ll have on draft in our tasting room to Nibezun. We’ve also selected them as our Charitable Partner of the Month for October again this year. As we mention in the post below, we continue to take these steps in anticipation of more to come.

[Original post:]

Today, October 12th, is Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Maine. This holiday is the result of important work by Maine’s Indigenous Wabanaki Confederacy and their fight for legislation to have this day officially recognized.  Read More

Allagash White Six-Pack

Allagash White – Now in 6-packs

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For pretty much our entire history, if you weren’t at a bar or restaurant, you could only find Allagash White in a 4-pack of bottles. Four was just the right amount to break out for a special occasion. Sometimes people shared them. More often, those people would hide their 4-pack at the back of their fridge and save it for themselves. Read More

Allagash White Chalice

Crafted For All – Our Commitment

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve made the Crafted for All commitment. Meaning, we’ve dedicated ourselves to continuing to take specific, measurable steps toward improving inclusivity, justice, and equity within our brewery. Created by Dr. J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham, Crafted For All is a framework built to diversify and expand the craft beer community. Read More

Allagash Along the Way a 25th anniversary wild ale

A look back at 25 Days of Giving

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Since all the way back in 1995, the Maine community has had our back. Even though they were initially (and understandably) perplexed by our hazy, citrusy witbier, they soon found a love for it that has only grown with time. Because our community has given us so much support, we wanted to celebrate our 25th anniversary by giving back to them. So we created 25 Days of Giving. Read More

Taking a Stand Against Racial Injustice

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UPDATE – 6/9/2020

As part of our ongoing effort to be allies to the Black members of our community—and to raise funds for nonprofits fighting to make progress for racial justice—we’ll be donating 100% of profits from our online store all week (6/8-6/14) to BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective), the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the Maine Community Foundation People of Color Fund.

We’ve dedicated ourselves as a brewery, and as people, to using beer as a force for good. As a way to bring people together. So as we watch tragedy and turmoil rip our country apart, it’s our obligation to use our platform to speak out. Read More

How we’re doing – an update from Rob, our founder

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May 11, 2020

I’ve been wanting to write a public update for about a month—to give our supporters and others in the beer industry a clear picture of how we’re weathering this crisis. But each time I considered it, it felt too early. So much was in flux that it would have been like writing about a baseball game after only the first inning. Now that there’s a little more clarity around our near future, I wanted to fill everyone in on how we’re doing at Allagash.  Read More

Beer for the Front Lines

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Wow, thank you all for coming out. It turns out your enthusiasm for our “$1 beer for front line medical workers” offer was orders of magnitude beyond what we could have imagined. We’re sorry to say that we no longer have beer to provide. By the time we ran out, we had handed out over 11,400 cans of beer. Read More

Giving Back – Wherever and However we can

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[Updated: 4/20/20]

The situation we’re now all faced with has created immense challenges for us as a brewery, and for all of us as a society. At Allagash, we’ve been lucky to have the resources and support in place to weather this situation, while also finding ways to continue to help our community. Below, in order to give our team the kudos they properly deserve, we wanted to keep a running list of some of the positive contributions we’ve been able to make to our community. We’ve also added a section at the top of this list containing ways that you can help us in supporting our community. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Read More

Sebago Lake on the water

Clean Water for our Future

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As brewers, we have an intimate connection with water. We’re lucky to receive our water from nearby Sebago Lake, one of only fifty surface water supplies in America that is so clean it doesn’t even need to be filtered. We rely on the quality of our water source, since it directly affects the quality of our beer. More importantly, water impacts our community, and our health.
Read More

Canoe and two fishing rods

Enjoy Maine like a Local

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We’re lucky to have a plethora of sights, hikes, adventures, and bites all within our state’s limits. And now that we at Allagash are canning, our beer is able to go places it never could before. To celebrate, we asked our staff where they were excited to bring a can of Allagash White or River Trip. We’ve compiled a highlight of their responses below. Our advice, pick an adventure and bring a couple cans for once you’re done. Read More

pouring Allagash white witbier

More Allagash in Pennsylvania

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After much deliberation, we’ve decided to bring our beer beyond its current distribution footprint in eastern Pennsylvania. The timing of this launch is planned for March 15th. This will not entirely cover Pennsylvania—but will bring Allagash beer to more people in the PA than have seen it in ten years. To see the exact counties that Allagash will become available in, please scroll beyond our FAQs to the list below.

Read More

Aroostook County Wheat at Buck Farms

The Journey to One Million

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More than ever in our brewery’s history, we’re using Maine-grown grains to make our beer. In 2016, we made the pledge to increase our usage of local grain—that year, we ended up using around 65,000 pounds. In 2017, we increased it to around 150,000 pounds, and in 2018, 280,000 pounds. By 2020, we had hit 728,000 pounds. Read More

a scotch ale bottle and chalice allagash brewing company

Pictavia – A Scotch Ale Aged in Scotch Barrels

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Aromas of sweet honey and caramel, a malt-forward body and hints of oak.

Pictavia is the former name of Scotland, back when the Scots were called Picts. It’s also a scotch ale aged in scotch barrels that’s packed with aromas of sweet honey and caramel, a malt-forward body and hints of oak. The barrels this beer ages in actually held port before they held scotch, which adds another little layer to the beer. The beer ages in barrels for around two months, just enough to pull flavor from the barrel and add some depth and beautiful vanilla notes to the beer. Read More

Allagash Brewing Company Brett IPA on a dock

Brett IPA – Hopped and Tropical

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Brett IPA is back with fruit-forward hops galore. What sets this IPA apart is the yeast we brew it with: Brettanomyces (often just called “Brett”). As many of you know, we’re often considered a yeast-focused brewery. We will admit, we love the subtle and balanced flavors you can get from our microscopic friends. So, using yeast as a way to put our own spin on the style, we created Brett IPA.

Read More

Philly Beer Week Allagash events

Philly Beer Week 2018 – Full Allagash Event List

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Philly Beer Week (running from June 1st-10th) is one giant hodgepodge of craft beer-related awesomeness. So many great breweries descend on Philadelphia for an entire week of wonderful events. We’re happy to say we’re in on the fun in a big way. Below, you’ll find a list of every event where you’ll be able to find some Allagash beer pouring. See you out there! Read More

Allagash Wild Beer Roundup

Wild Beer Roundup 2018 – Full Bottle List

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Allagash Wild Beer Roundup
The Wild Beer Roundup is around the corner. Everyone at Allagash is getting pumped up for another day of fun, games, and loads of gems from the Allagash cellars. On Saturday (1/27) we’ll throw the brewery doors open at 8:00 AM—though in years past people have lined up before. Beers go on sale at 9:00 AM sharp.

Without further ado, here’s the wild—as in, “holy dang that’s a wild amount of beer”—bottle list for this year’s roundup: Read More

Allagash Brewing Company Map 40

The Making of Map 40

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Map 40 is a Belgian-style stout blended with cold-brewed coffee. Which means that on top of brewing the beer, we have to make a whole boat-load of coffee. That being the case, we thought we’d take advantage of this extra, caffeinated step by giving you a look inside the process. Below, you’ll find a brief pictorial journey into how locally roasted coffee finds its way into a Belgian-style stout.

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A Pairing Dinner with Good To-Go

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Good to-go allagash black
We’ve paired our beer with quite a bit of food, but not like this. Recently, a team from Allagash took a drive down to the headquarters of Good To-Go in Kittery, Maine. Good To-Go is the brainchild of a power couple: professional cook Jennifer Scism—seriously, she beat Mario Batali on Iron Chef—and David Kooritz, an active outdoorsman and super-interesting dude—he’s been everything from an emergency room nurse to a ski patroller.

Thanks to our love for exploring the wilder areas of our mutual state, we’ve had the pleasure of eating a couple meals from Good To-Go. And when we got in touch with the Good To-Go team about a pairing dinner, they were all for it.

Read More

Our Local Fruit Farmers

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Cherries so ripe you can smell them through your screen. Seriously.

The quality of our beer is beholden to the ingredients we make it from. Which is why we buy our ingredients locally whenever we can. And one ingredient that we love to buy local is fruit. It’s the best way to ensure sure that the strawberries, blueberries, peaches (or whatever else we decide to dump in our tanks) fill our beers with unmistakably fresh flavor.

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Allagash Virtual Tour

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Recently, our talented friends at Knack Factory put together this interactive, virtual tour of our brewery. In the video, the excellent Emily and Tim, who both work in our tasting room, take you into the brewhouse, through the bottling line, and even into the barrel room where our wild beers age (sounds like a good book title).

Read More

oak foudre

FV13 Emerges From its Foudre

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The FV13 foudre.

The foudre: magnificent staple of the wine world turned wonderful tool for craft brewers. A foudre (pronounced either foe-der, foo-druh, or foo-der depending on who you ask) is basically a huge, wooden tank, historically used for the storing and maturation of wine. FV13 was aged in such a tank.

Not only was FV13 aged in a foudre, but it was the first beer that Allagash brewers ever aged in one. Sure, our brewers had experience with barrel aging before FV13, but we still had a lot to learn about the mighty foudre.

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Cookin’ with Allagash

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For fourteen years now, Allagash has held “Cookin’ with Allagash,” a cooking contest for students of ICE, the Institute of Culinary Education. Each year, ICE students are invited to submit a recipe inspired by a given Allagash beer: this year’s was Sixteen Counties. Of the recipes submitted, only three are chosen by a panel of ICE chefs. The students are then given a chance to cook their selected recipe in person, in the hopes of winning up to $2,000 in scholarship money.

Read More

The 15 New England Beers to Try before you Die

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These are the New England beers you need to get into your mouth before you shuffle off this mortal coil. The kind that may require extensive planning, waiting in long lines, shadily cajoling with people, and, in some cases, accepting defeat — temporarily, of course. Exclusivity and scarcity do not in themselves make a beer good, but they can make scoring a hard-to-get beer that much more fulfilling. Set your sights on these. Read More.

The 12 Best Beers We Tasted in 2015

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“…an amazing thing happens when you taste beers blind; you take the brewery and the beer’s reputation out of the formula altogether, so that all there is left to judge is the beer itself. The results from some tastings were downright shocking, with newcomers besting fields of heavy weights, while other results reaffirmed our love for certain style benchmark brews. One thing’s for certain—it was a fun process.” Read More

Portland Maine Drinks Scene Comes of Age

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“While cities across the U.S. have been opening quality- minded cocktail bars for the past decade, Portland—a lovely port of bricks and seagulls and the scent of the sea— seemed content to remain a city of beer bars and highballs. Restaurants intermittently rolled out a clever cocktail or two, but the city had more or less ignored the modern cocktail revolution that was infiltrating nearby Boston and beyond.” Read More

Coolship Resurgam Wins Silver

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It’s been an exciting month for Coolship Resurgam!

We were so honored to take home a silver medal at this year’s Brussels Beer Challenge for Specialty Beer: Lambic and Geuze,  and a silver at the European Beer Star Awards for Sour Beer!

75 judges gathered from all over the world to judge over 1100 entries for the Brussels Beer Challenge, and 105 tasters gathered from 25 countries to taste and evaluate beer at the European Beer Star Awards.  Congratulations to all the medal winners and everyone who entered!

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