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lager saison blend in a can

Moselle/Turmeric Saison Release


Join us for the release of two beers on Thursday, 9/17.

Moselle is a crisp, golden lager with a hint of saison aroma. In making Moselle, we brew two different beers, a lager and a saison, and then blend them together. Moselle leads with classic lager flavor while the saison portion adds a tropical note to the beer’s dry profile.

Turmeric has a long history of culinary use, so we decided to try it in one of our beers; we call it Turmeric Saison. We’re glad we did. The earthy and unique flavor of whole turmeric root, alongside the bit of pepper that we add during brewing, gives a lightly spicy quality to this fruity and aromatic certified organic Saison.

Both of these beers will be available in 16oz 4-pack cans.

5 Beer Styles to Help You Navigate Any Craft Beer Menu

By Blog, What About Beer?
Scanning the beer menu at a craft beer bar can feel overwhelming. With so many options, unknown breweries, and extensive beer terms, even seasoned beer drinkers struggle to find that perfect pint. In an effort to help burgeoning beer fans navigate that list, here are a few styles you’ll find at virtually every beer bar—along with some helpful clarifications you can use to decode the menu. Read More

Paint Your Chalice Event

Channel you’re inner artist and join us on December 14th for Paint Your Chalice Event at Books-A-Million.
We’ll be sampling Allagash White and River Trip and any one who wants to paint* an Allagash Chalice will have the opportunity to do so, no purchase necessary.
*While supplies last.
old cork and cage beer bottles

Does Beer Expire?

By What About Beer?, Blog
A question we get often: does beer expire? Short answer, no. Beer isn’t like milk. With age, it doesn’t actually expire or become unsafe to drink. Old beer’s taste, however, will absolutely change. But stored properly, an old beer’s effect on your body won’t be different than a freshly packaged beer. Read More

Allagash beer and cheese

Beyond Beer Cheese — Pairing Beer and Cheese

By Inside Allagash, Beer-pairing, recipes, and more, Blog
One of our favorite food-and-beer pairings is beer and cheese. Both are versatile. Both are delicious. And the flavor combinations you can create between them are surprising and abundant. We love a good beer cheese dip, don’t get us wrong. But we wanted to approach this pairing from a much broader perspective than how the two melt together. Below, you’ll find pairing fundamentals, and a few suggested pairing examples, for beer and cheese. Read More

Allagash Cascara saison

What is: a saison

By What About Beer?, Blog
A saison, also often called a farmhouse ale, is a style of beer originating in the French-speaking Wallonia region of Belgium. In today’s brewing scene, it is widely accepted that a saison will be “exceptionally dry, highly carbonated, fruity and of moderate strength: 6-8% ABV.” Beyond that description, the saison style offers quite a bit of room for interpretation. Read More

Pi Day


Here at Allagash, we love food. All kinds of food. So when we heard that Pi Day was coming up, we knew what to do.

On March 14th, from 6-8pm, we’ll be hosting Pi Day in the tasting room! Come in on Thursday to get a slice of blueberry, pecan, or apple pie made by Union Street Bakery in Brunswick.
For those of you who have a harder time making decisions about what beer-and-pie pairing you’d prefer, we’ll have suggested pairings to give you the ultimate pie and beer drinking experience.
This is not a ticketed event. Slices of pie will be for sale with beers sold separately.
Come in and get your slices while pies last!

The Thursday Thing: Yoga with Holly and Beers!


Join us for yoga on the patio with Holly Martzial, instructor at the Breathing Room and Tula! The class will begin at 6:15 and will be a 45 minute session. Following the class beers will be available for purchase. Bring your own yoga mat and socks. Tickets can be purchased via the link below.

Please Note: Yoga takes place on our heated patio – while the heaters do keep it toasty, the floor can be chilly. Please dress in layers and wear socks!


Fermentors in a row at Allagash brewing company

Brewing Better Beer – Fine-Tuning Fermentation

By What About Beer?, Quality Control, Blog

“Fermentation and civilization are inseparable.”

John Ciardi

Yeast is the reason we’re here right now. The reason why you’re reading this, the reason why we wrote this post (or wrote anything about Allagash at all). Fermentation is a yeast cell’s goal in life. Valiantly turning sugar into alcohol, carbonation, and tasty esters. What we’re going to talk about here is how we handle fermentation at the brewery, and how we coerce these wonderfully hungry organisms into making consistent, delicious beer.

Read More

Allagash cuvee d'industrial emptying barrels

Why Blend Beer?

By Blog, What About Beer?
Blending beer is exactly what it sounds like. Practically, it involves a brewer sampling multiple beers and then determining (with specific measurements and careful sensory analysis) the right combination of flavors. In barrel-aged beers, this involves pulling nails from the front of aging barrels and sampling the liquid therein. Read More

gose gueuze Allagash blog

Gueuze and Gose – What’s the difference?

By What About Beer?, Blog
This post was contributed by our VIP Tour Coordinator and Certified Cicerone, Lindsay Bohanske.


One of the best things about working in the Allagash tasting room is simply talking to people about beer. And while talking about Coolship Resurgam (our interpretation of a Lambic-style gueuze) I’ve noticed many furrowed brows. That’s how this blog post was born.

There are two beers out there that sound sort of similar, but are actually extremely different: gose and gueuze (you’ll also see it spelled geuze). To further confuse the issue, both beers fall in the wildly varied category of “sour” beers and they both contain a pretty high portion of wheat. That’s about where the similarities end.

Read More

filling barrels with coolship

Coolship Part Three: Barrels and Beyond

By What About Beer?, Blog
In 2007, Allagash had already been brewing according to key parts of Belgian tradition: using unconventional ingredients, bottle conditioning, and barrel aging. Brewing with a coolship was, oddly enough, the next logical step.

When talking about spontaneously fermented beer, it’s better to think of the barrel not as a container, but as an environment. Oxygen ingress—minute amounts of oxygen allowed into the barrel by the natural pores in the wood—has a profound effect on the beer.

Read More

Our Local Fruit Farmers

By Blog, Beer Releases and Brewery News

Cherries so ripe you can smell them through your screen. Seriously.

The quality of our beer is beholden to the ingredients we make it from. Which is why we buy our ingredients locally whenever we can. And one ingredient that we love to buy local is fruit. It’s the best way to ensure sure that the strawberries, blueberries, peaches (or whatever else we decide to dump in our tanks) fill our beers with unmistakably fresh flavor.

Read More

Beer Dinner at Simon Pearce

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Join us for a special event with Simon Pearce

Allagash Beer Dinner, Thursday, September 15, 5:30pm

Five-Course Dinner

Two ticket options available:
$55 per person plus tax and gratuity or
$75 per person plus tax and gratuity includes a limited edition Allagash Brewing Company Glass made by Simon Pearce glassblowers.

Make your reservation by calling 802-295-1470

Limited to the first 50 reservations.

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