Victor Ale lets us blur the lines between brewer and vintner. The brew begins by mashing Pilsner malt with locally grown red grapes. It’s then hopped with Hallertau. The beer is fermented first with a strain of wine yeast, then finished with Belgian abbey-style yeast. Victor Ale presents a pale copper hue, medium body, a pronounced vinous character, and a spicy, tart finish. Its beer sibling is Victoria, which uses chardonnay grapes, but is otherwise identical.

A portion of the proceeds of Victor goes to St. Lawrence Arts Center, located on Munjoy Hill in Portland. Built in 1897 by Arthur Bates Jennings, this National Historic Landmark is an affordable and accesible venue for art, community enrichment, and a piece of local history. Please visit their website for more information:

Beer Details

Availability: Limited

Package Size: Draft

ABV:  7.1%

Grains: Pilsner Malt

Hops: Nugget, Hallertau

Spices/Other: Cabernet Franc grapes

Yeast: Wine Yeast, Belgian Abbey-Style Yeast

Serving Temp: 45-50°F

Ideal Within: Two Years


Bronze, Great American Beer Festival, 2007

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