a chalice of Allagash Fine Acre organic golden ale

Fine Acre

Our new organic golden ale

River Trip

Allagash Kurkuma


Coming soon

Allagash White Four Ways

Allagash White

Ale vs. Lager

What's the difference?

Cans of Little Grove by Allagash

Little Grove

Starling Wit


We’re a Belgian-inspired brewery in Portland, Maine. Our year-round beer lineup represents the full spectrum of Belgian brewing— from interpretations of classic styles to original and unique creations.


You’ll find refreshment wherever there’s a Little Grove. These sparkling session ales are brewed with fruit for the perfect balance of light, tart, and bright flavor.


Sparkling Session Ale

Peach + Kombucha

Sparkling Session Ale


Our Coolship beers are crafted using a traditional Belgian brewing method called spontaneous fermentation. You can find out how we brew these complex and unique beers right here.

Limited Release

Experimentation has always been a huge part of our culture at Allagash, and our limited and specialty releases reflect our passion for using the entire brewing palette to create unique beers.


In this section, you’ll find all the beers that we no longer brew—and those that we just haven’t brewed in a while. That’s not to say we’ll never brew them again, only that they’re not available right now.

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